Our Role

The importance of consultation about an airport has long been recognised by the Government. That view is consolidated in the Civil Aviation Act 1982, in which section 35 makes provision for the Secretary of State for Transport to designate airports “for the purpose of consultation”. In those cases the setting up of a consultative committee is recommended. The latest Guidelines covering the work and role of consultative committees were published by the Government in December 2003.

Consultative Committees, and Luton is no exception, have no executive role in the decision making process of the Airport. But the aim of the Committee is to ensure that as wide a range of views as possible is made available to the London Luton Airport management team so that they can take account of the issues which are of concern to those using the airport, working at it or living around it.

Our terms of reference and purpose, as set out in our constitution, are included in full elsewhere on this web site.

The Consultative Committee is supported by 2 sub-committees one (The Noise and Track Sub-Committee) dealing with noise and track keeping issues while the other (Passenger Services Sub-Committee) concerns itself with the totality of the passenger experience including getting to the airport, security and immigration as well as terminal facilities. Other groups are established as needed to consider particular topics.

Whilst LLACC, NTSC and PSSC comprise representatives from the member organisations there are, in many cases, advisors also in attendance. LLACC also has a Noise Consultant to advise on technical issues, often by way of drafting reports and responses for the Committee to consider.

Committee members need to be familiar with the airport itself and visits, as in this photograph, visits to the airport take place when appropriate.